Social networks have a major impact on the lives of athletes. A significant growth of agencies specialized in managing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has been observed in recent years. But what would you hire an agency for? What are your needs and your interests? What risks can you avoid?

Elite Career Management is there to guide you and offer a solution to manage your social media platforms efficiently.

The first reason in the importance of these networks is to ensure close communication with your fans and maintain a more direct interaction with them. Elite Career Management therefore helps you to immerse your fans in your own success, challenges and non-sporting activities while ensuring the integrity of the content and information.

The above reason leads us directly to the second important factor of social networks which is capitalization of your fans. The more you are connectd to your "followers" the more you become socially significant in the eyes of your club but also to potential sponsors. It is therefore natural to think that a player with 2 millions "followers" is more likely to create interest for a sponsor or a brand than a player followed by 10 000 fans. Elite Career Management is proud to offer its services and collaboration to optimally utilize and capitalize via your social networks.

The main advantages to delegate management of your social networks:

  1. ​Effective communication and time saving
  2. Sponsorship opportunities and developing your name into a brand
  3. Capitalization of your notoriety
  4. Analysis of your information and transparency


Thanks to an efficient community management team we are also able to organize autograph sessions with your fans, interviews with various media, organize charity actions and help you to get involved in the community through targeted actions. 

Choosing Elite Career Mangement to handle your image and sponsors guaranteed to turn your name into a brand.